BTECH’s BVM software SUITE provides market-leading predictive analytics, battery Data interpretation, real-time access, Alarm reporting and centralized monitoring of up to 1000 BTECH Systems.   

The Interactive Battery Map shows an overall picture of the health of your batteries.

Trend graphs show the health of each individual battery over time. This feature helps diagnose problems like rapid-failure and under- or over-charged batteries.

BVM Software Features

System Requirements

  • Simple and easy-to-use graphing functions
  • On-demand and real-time interaction with BTECH hardware
  • Captures, archives, reports, and graphically displays data by location, date, and unit (cell or jar) number
  • Displays voltage and impedance measurements and trends
  • Easy-to-use with context-sensitive help screens
  • Displays total battery voltage, unit voltage, unit impedance, ambient and battery case temperatures
  • Analyzes impedance data in either "average" or "initial" modes
  • Displays "power-out" voltage decay data of battery, individual units, optional loaded battery current, and lists "power-out" events and duration
  • Receives, displays, and resets alarms and alerts
  • PC or Server running Windows 7 or above
  • Dial-up modem for communication via a POTS line (S5 Only)
  • Ability to run in a virtual machine
  • Network adapter attached to a TCP/IP network for network communication functions of the software

BTECH's BVS Observer Service

  • Collects and distributes data and alarms automatically for up to 1000 systems
  • BTECH's software platform serves as two-way central monitoring service for multiple systems and locations
  • Runs 24/7 on your network as a service
  • Data can be stored anywhere on your network or PC
  • Provides automatic analysis, e-mail, and SMS alarms and alerts

The differential impedance trend graph allows you to view all unit impedances in a single graph, revealing the health of the battery system as a whole over time

The unit trend graph allows two types of measurements to be overlaid (voltage & impedance, impedance & temperature, or voltage & temperature)

Download a specification sheet with all of this information and more: Spec Sheet