Safeguard operations and personnel by observing the integrity of battery systems so critical industrial process equipment and their control systems can keep running.

Even a momentary power outage can wreak havoc on critical industrial process equipment and their control systems, lowering productivity, causing damage to equipment, and creating worker safety concerns. BTECH protects the integrity of backup battery power systems and generator start batteries so industrial equipment continues to operate despite undesirable events.

BTECH battery monitoring systems are optimized for the size of many industrial applications, from generator start batteries to 480V, three-phase systems, effectively validating the ability of backup battery systems to perform. BTECH solutions provide ample warning of battery failure to facilitate corrective action on a preventative basis rather than through emergency alerts after a crisis has already occurred.

Monitor systems from a central location or integrate operations into existing building and process control systems. Protect your employees and equipment investments while reducing manpower requirements to stay confident in long-term backup power performance.


Discover the experts, technology, and service offerings that make BTECH a leading global provider of sustainable US-based manufacturing and battery monitoring solutions.