The NERC PRC-005-2 requirements have placed increased demand on electric power utilities for battery monitoring and maintenance.  BTECH’s Battery Monitoring Systems are designed specifically for 130 volt and 250 volt substation battery systems and enable effective and efficient compliance with NERC PRC-005-2. The BTECH battery monitoring system is designed to collect data from NiCad’s, as well, as, 2 volt VLA/VRLA cells. The system can manage data from dual charging applications and the systems can endure the harsh environments often found in the utility industry.

NERC PRC-005-2 specifies stringent battery monitoring and data reporting requirements.  The BTECH battery monitoring system meets these requirements and enables the central location monitoring of BTECH battery monitoring systems at all of your remote locations.  This provides the most cost effective solution to meeting the battery monitoring and management requirements of NERC PRC-005-2.

BTECH’s impedance measurement technology is considered the reference method for stationary battery monitoring . BTECH’s battery monitoring system has the sensitivity and high-end filtering required to finding failing cells in any application and UPS/charger type. BTECH’s patented rate of change analysis finds failing units well before they pose a risk to your critical systems. BTECH’s battery monitoring system uses fewer wires than any of our competitors. The wire set is pre-designed, pre-terminated and tested; cutting installation time in half in while increasing system reliability.


Utility Industry NERC PRC-005-2 Considerations for Battery Monitoring

  • Smart grid and regulatory efforts require real-time access to the sub-station battery
  • Ability to detect open circuits
  • Centralized data access and reporting
  • ISO audit compliance
  • Standardization of DC plant management
  • Consistent evaluation techniques
  • Improved DC plant asset management
  • Elimination of manual testing
  • Redundant  battery strings may not be necessary



BTECH S5 Battery Monitoring System on utility backup power battery systems


BTECH’s products monitors the parameters of NERC PRC-005-2 that have been determined to be critical to Sub-Station reliability

  • High and Low Float Voltage
  • DC Ground Fault
  • Proper Float Voltage
  • String Continuity 
  • Individual String Current Monitoring for multi-string systems
  • Inter-cell Connections
  • Internal Ohmic Values with baselines (Initial Impedances)
  • Battery Discharge Data Logging


BTECH’s Quick-Disconnect Safety Fuses simplify battery replacements while protecting personnel during installation and maintenance.