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UPS & Backup Power Battery Monitoring System

Daily power glitches and outright power failures are a fact of life and the key consideration that drives your investment in mission critical UPS power conditioning & backup systems.

Now you can be sure your UPS power batteries will work to support vital applications, systems and networks during the many everyday power disturbances and outright power failures that each business is almost certain to experience.


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Customers say...

BTECH systems have proven to greatly reduce battery maintenance costs, extend the life of the batteries and virtually eliminate battery failure. Eleven years ago, we installed our first BTECH Battery Monitoring System...

Samy Alim

Manager of Engineering,

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Customers say...

March 13, 1993…. I remember it very well. We dropped our entire load on one of our two fully loaded 300kva UPS systems. We called in our u.p.s. maintenance provider and wanted an explanation of why we dropped the load and why didn’t he discover a problem just 3 weeks earlier during the p.m. ...

Rick Faircloth

Data Processing Consultant,
State of Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Next Success Story: Dell.com

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