Assuring business Continuity

Even a momentary power outage can wreak havoc on critical industrial process equipment and their control systems.  Industrial power outages reduce productivity, cause damage to equipment and create worker safety concerns.  BTECH assures the integrity of your backup battery power systems and generator start batteries - so that your equipment keeps going in the event of a power outage.

BTECH has a battery monitoring system that is optimized for the size of your application - from generator start batteries to 480V, 3-phase systems.  BTECH's battery monitoring systems effective and efficiently validate the ability of the backup battery systems to perform.  The BTECH systems provide ample warning of a failing battery - enabling corrective action to be taken on a preventative basis rather than an emergency basis after a crisis has occurred. 

BTECH systems can be monitored from a central location and/or integrated into your building and process control systems.  Automated alarm messaging provides additional confidence while reducing manpower requirements. 

Protect your employees and investment in equipment with BTECH battery monitoring to prevent catastrophes in the event of a power outage.  Be confident that your critical backup power will perform when you need them.