BTECH S5 Battery Monitoring System on a government data center UPS

BTECH has been assuring the performance of critical backup power battery systems at US government facilities for over 25 years.  BTECH battery monitoring systems are present in government data centers, military installations and aboard navy ships and submarines.  These critical systems must continue to operate despite power interruptions. 

Whether it is a remote mountain top radio site for Customs and Border Protection or the FAA’s air traffic control data centers, BTECH has the battery monitoring solution to fit the application.  The BTECH systems meet the special requirements of government and military applications. 

As the military faces cuts in budgets and personnel, BTECH enables them to ‘do more with less’ with centralized monitoring and reporting of the performance of their critical battery power systems.  Battery maintenance and replacement costs are further reduced by eliminating manual testing and extended battery life.

BTECH is listed with the GSA and the System for Award Management.