May 17, 2019

BY Allan Baum

When you think through all of the things that can go wrong with a battery, the list is quite extensive. The fact that people use the term “infant mortality” to describe a relatively new battery that doesn’t make it because of electrical leakage or an electrical short is indicative of the idea that a battery’s lifespan is fraught with challenges including:

  • plate sulfation,

  • cracked container,

  • plate warping,

  • crazing

  • too high of an ambient temperature,

  • too low of an ambient temperature,

  • cell dry out,

  • accelerated aging,

  • accelerated corrosion,

  • excessive gassing,

  • shedding of active material,

  • undercharging… or overcharging,

  • increased heat generation,

  • increased water consumption,

  • etc.

With all that can go wrong, you would think that we would crave the data around what is actually going on inside these black boxes that seemingly have minds of their own. Despite what some would deem best practices or their own established practices in managing batteries and battery systems, the data usually has a better idea, a better way, a path to better predictions and smarter decisions.

BTECH not only provides a powerful battery monitoring solution, we also provide the interpretation of the data and the advisory support our customers need to make data-driven changes. It’s not about alerting you to a problem and then leaving you to your own devices to address that problem, it’s about alerting you to the problem and coming alongside you with practical and sound solutions for addressing the problem to set your battery system(s) up for success.

We know that the effects of leaving a single failed unit in an operational string of batteries will be detrimental to the entire UPS system to the point of dropping the load during the next power loss. That’s why we’re going to suggest and help you schedule a well-timed spot replacement, so string failure is prevented and any battery system degradation caused by the failing battery or batteries is mitigated. The goal is to save you the cost of lost productivity, to save you from the costs of unplanned outages, and to use our data to ensure that your data or your customer’s is protected.