December 9, 2020


BTECH’s Remote Battery Monitoring Service is backed by people…experts really, who use sophisticated tools, including BTECH’s own Battery Validation Manager Software Suite to deliver real-time advisories and information about our client’s batteries. This crack team of battery experts work alongside our clients to maintain their backup battery systems and to ensure that when a battery is exhibiting poor health and performance, it is replaced and the entire battery systems is optimized: eliminating risk and making certain it will operate according to specifications when called upon.

Our full-time monitoring service team works as an extension of our customers from BTECH’s Monitoring Service Center (MSC). Each member of this service team is cross-trained to support multiple customers across the multiple industries we serve. Automated software tools operate 24/7 from redundant co-locations to eliminate any interruptions in service, ensuring we are always armed with the right data to help our customers make the right decisions concerning their critical power systems.