December 17, 2020


BTECH’s Remote Monitoring Service isn’t just backed by an expert team using ingenious tools like our BVM Software Suite (yes, our teams use the same software that we provide with our battery monitoring hardware), but our service is fortified by consistent measurement and trend analysis.

Every week, our service downloads battery measurements from our customers’ BTECH systems (metrics such as: voltage, temp, current and impedance; at the unit level, the string level and the system level) and these measurements are tracked and trended by our battery monitoring experts. Trends are analyzed – Did you know that our BVM software analyzes 45 different measurement categories? As battery data is collected, polled and trended over time, week after week, we apply algorithms that identify fault patterns in those trends.

Those consistent measurements, trended over time and analyzed are what enables our remote monitoring service team to predict future battery system health and performance, to see faults and failures before they happen and to work on the customer’s behalf to ensure proactive battery maintenance and management happens.