January 5, 2021

BY Allan Baum

BTECH’s Remote Battery Monitoring Service would really be a tough sell without real-time advisories and information… I mean, what good would it be if your remote monitoring service told you something was seriously wrong hours, days or weeks after a system outage or a serious event like a thermal runaway situation? The ability to oversee critical backup power systems in real-time without having to make the trip out to a facility to see what is going on is CRUCIAL.

All battery alerts, alarms and event notifications for our remote monitoring customers are communicated to our Monitoring Service Center as they occur. Each member of our remote monitoring team upon receiving any information about an alarm or event will reach out to the customer per the agreed upon rules of engagement. Our chief goal is to ensure that any battery-related issues are rectified before backup power systems are put at risk.

All alarm notifications identify the customer location, UPS system/string, timestamp, BTECH system serial # and the specific measurements or conditions that caused the alarm. Our team will then make sure that a plan is created to address correct any issues, that alarms are cleared and that all data is analyzed for future-proofing the battery systems involved.

Approximately 40 percent of all UPS system failures are battery related, so in our view, the very best way to reduce the risk of UPS failure is to implement a remote monitoring program that focuses on ensuring that backup batteries are always ready to deliver backup power when they’re needed most.