October 25, 2018


If we do not measure (monitor) the batteries that we count on to deliver backup power, then we certainly cannot improve (manage) them effectively. In this way, monitoring and managing go hand in hand— the means by which you improve (manage) your backup power is by measuring (monitoring) the condition of your batteries. When we developed the first stationary battery monitoring system based on trend analysis, it was crucial that we assist our customers in learning about the batteries in their care and the problems that will inevitably arise because of our dependence on battery power.

Over the years, our customers have placed their trust in our ability to deliver battery monitoring solutions and that trust has allowed us to bring the data that we derive from measuring batteries to bear on how they manage and improve their reserve/backup power system. When our customers have revised their battery management plan based on our predictive analysis derived from battery monitoring data – they’ve seen and continue to see ROI in the form of less frequent, but more focused routine maintenance visits. They spend less on maintenance and they reduce (i.e. focus) the scope of work completed during the maintenance visit. Ultimately, the most significant ROI gained is in the form of the savings associated with eliminating the risk of battery failure and downtime.

At BTECH, we are focused on delivering predictive maintenance to our customers. Our monitoring solution, made up of hardware and software that inform our services and customer maintenance plans, delivers the ability to accurately predict battery system health. We use those predictions to determine how to effectively and proactively manage a battery system. As a result: maintenance costs go down and risk is reduced.