February 9, 2016

BY Allan Baum

Last week, at CapRE’s 2018 Data Center Summit Series, our very own Larry Baker was able to sit down with Capre Media’s Josh Anderson for a Q&A that touched on a number of subjects including a couple of our favorites: the growth we’re seeing in Europe & Asia and Confidence. In a world that is increasingly dependent on power and online connections, confidence is key, confidence that systems are going to perform as intended, confidence that your data center environment is going to be up and available and confidence that your operations across multiple locations is coordinated and consistent.

You can read the entire Q&A with Larry here, but we’ve pulled out some highlights below…

CapRE: What are you focusing on as we head into 2018?

Baker: The biggest thing right now is growth. Everyone is putting in more sites, more locations. And really what they need – and are banking on — is operational consistency. They’ve got a model, they’re going out there, deploying it in various locations around the world. And as part of that, they have an investment in reserve power and batteries. And reserve power and batteries is one of the main areas where they may suffer in terms of operational consistency. That’s where we come in – we can help with that. And make sure that these critical assets they’ve invested in will work for them the same across all of their locations.

CapRE: Since you have deployed your systems in other markets, what are some lessons you can share from them, that you could apply to the data center arena?

Baker: The main one is that we can provide a complete solution. Whether providing one to the consumer, so they have their needs met, or in the B2B world that integrates a solution into operations, that’s what we do. We try to provide that complete solution.
It’s more than just a moxy system in the power room with a red light and green light.
We use data to really help data center operations.

CapRE: Please tell us about the regions you’re most active in.

Baker: Well, the U.S. is our biggest market. Europe is starting to blow up though. We are seeing further growth in Asia as well. And recently, we’re seeing less activity in the enterprise data center and more growth with multi-tenant, especially in the U.S.

CapRE: And what’s the last word on battery monitoring?

Baker: I think that confidence is the bottom line. We are trying to provide confidence in a lot
of areas – confidence that your systems are going to perform, confidence that you’ll have a reliable data center, and confidence that your operations are running the same at all of your locations.