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Data Centers


Data Centers

Can you Afford downtime at your Data Center?

Battery Monitoring is essential to any data center facility. Downtime due to battery failures has caused significant financial losses,  damage to companies' reputations and disruption to operations. You know how important it is to keep your data center up and running... but did you know how often your batteries can let you down?  Battery failures are the leading cause of data center downtime according to a study by the Ponemon Institute.

Installing battery monitoring systems effectively makes it possible to assure the batteries and the UPS will perform during a power outage. More and more companies are monitoring their batteries to eliminate this risk as they find out the hard way what happens when the power fails! 

Not only does a BTECH Battery Monitoring System assure the performance of the backup battery power system, it will also reduce UPS battery maintenance and replacement cost.  Ineffective and expensive manual testing on a quarterly basis can be eliminated.  With a BTECH system, battery replacement decisions are based on data and predictive analytics rather than fear of failure.  As a result, battery life is extended by up to 65%. 

Data Center

BTECH Battery Monitoring Systems are found in:

  • Colo and Cloud Data Centers

  • Financial Data Centers

  • Corporate Data Centers

  • Government/Military Data Centers

  • Remote Backup Facilities

The typical battery strings found in data centers support three-phase UPS systems typically supplied by Liebert, Powerware, MGE, Pillar and Mitsubishi, among others.

These UPS's can have single or multiple 480V cabinets of 40 12-V sealed VRLA batteries or racks of 2V, 4V, 6V or 8V VRLA or Flooded (Wet-Cell) Batteries. It is critical to monitor each of these battery types, as failure can occur in as little as two weeks!



Public Safety/commercial communications systems

Public Safety/commercial communications systems

Public Safety, commercial radio and telecommunication systems employ a wide array of mission critical backup power systems.  From central offices and PSAPs to remote transmission sites and deployable trailers, all rely on batteries to provide backup power.  Often, batteries are the only source of backup power in remote sites and are completely forgotten about until they are needed, and fail.  Without proper monitoring and maintenance, these batteries are prone to failure and result in a loss of communications during a power outage caused by weather, traffic accident or some other natural or manmade catastrophe.

Whether it is generator start batteries or a large UPS battery system for a central command and control center, BTECH has a cost effective battery monitoring system to assure the performance of these battery systems and the end-to-end availability of your mission critical communication systems.  All of the BTECH battery validation systems can be monitored from a central location and key personnel can receive system alert messages by email and text.

With BTECH battery monitoring and management, expensive and ineffective manual testing is eliminated and regulatory requirements are exceeded.  Battery life is extended, further reducing maintenance and replacement expense, as the result of replacement decisions based on data and predictive analytics.

Telecom Battery System
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Government and Military

Government and Military

BTECH S5 Battery Monitoring System on a government data center UPS

BTECH has been assuring the performance of critical backup power battery systems at US government facilities for over 25 years.  BTECH battery monitoring systems are present in government data centers, military installations and aboard navy ships and submarines.  These critical systems must continue to operate despite power interruptions. 

Whether it is a remote mountain top radio site for Customs and Border Protection or the FAA’s air traffic control data centers, BTECH has the battery monitoring solution to fit the application.  The BTECH systems meet the special requirements of government and military applications. 

As the military faces cuts in budgets and personnel, BTECH enables them to ‘do more with less’ with centralized monitoring and reporting of the performance of their critical battery power systems.  Battery maintenance and replacement costs are further reduced by eliminating manual testing and extended battery life.

BTECH is listed with the GSA and the System for Award Management.





The NERC PRC-005-2 requirements have placed increased demand on electric power utilities for battery monitoring and maintenance.  BTECH’s Battery Monitoring Systems are designed specifically for 130 volt and 250 volt substation battery systems and enable effective and efficient compliance with NERC PRC-005-2. The BTECH battery monitoring system is designed to collect data from NiCad’s, as well, as, 2 volt VLA/VRLA cells. The system can manage data from dual charging applications and the systems can endure the harsh environments often found in the utility industry.

NERC PRC-005-2 specifies stringent battery monitoring and data reporting requirements.  The BTECH battery monitoring system meets these requirements and enables the central location monitoring of BTECH battery monitoring systems at all of your remote locations.  This provides the most cost effective solution to meeting the battery monitoring and management requirements of NERC PRC-005-2.

BTECH’s impedance measurement technology is considered the reference method for stationary battery monitoring . BTECH’s battery monitoring system has the sensitivity and high-end filtering required to finding failing cells in any application and UPS/charger type. BTECH’s patented rate of change analysis finds failing units well before they pose a risk to your critical systems. BTECH’s battery monitoring system uses fewer wires than any of our competitors. The wire set is pre-designed, pre-terminated and tested; cutting installation time in half in while increasing system reliability.


Utility Industry NERC PRC-005-2 Considerations for Battery Monitoring

  • Smart grid and regulatory efforts require real-time access to the sub-station battery
  • Ability to detect open circuits
  • Centralized data access and reporting
  • ISO audit compliance
  • Standardization of DC plant management
  • Consistent evaluation techniques
  • Improved DC plant asset management
  • Elimination of manual testing
  • Redundant  battery strings may not be necessary



BTECH S5 Battery Monitoring System on utility backup power battery systems


BTECH’s products monitors the parameters of NERC PRC-005-2 that have been determined to be critical to Sub-Station reliability

  • High and Low Float Voltage
  • DC Ground Fault
  • Proper Float Voltage
  • String Continuity 
  • Individual String Current Monitoring for multi-string systems
  • Inter-cell Connections
  • Internal Ohmic Values with baselines (Initial Impedances)
  • Battery Discharge Data Logging


BTECH’s Quick-Disconnect Safety Fuses simplify battery replacements while protecting personnel during installation and maintenance. 






Assuring business Continuity

Even a momentary power outage can wreak havoc on critical industrial process equipment and their control systems.  Industrial power outages reduce productivity, cause damage to equipment and create worker safety concerns.  BTECH assures the integrity of your backup battery power systems and generator start batteries - so that your equipment keeps going in the event of a power outage.

BTECH has a battery monitoring system that is optimized for the size of your application - from generator start batteries to 480V, 3-phase systems.  BTECH's battery monitoring systems effective and efficiently validate the ability of the backup battery systems to perform.  The BTECH systems provide ample warning of a failing battery - enabling corrective action to be taken on a preventative basis rather than an emergency basis after a crisis has occurred. 

BTECH systems can be monitored from a central location and/or integrated into your building and process control systems.  Automated alarm messaging provides additional confidence while reducing manpower requirements. 

Protect your employees and investment in equipment with BTECH battery monitoring to prevent catastrophes in the event of a power outage.  Be confident that your critical backup power will perform when you need them.