Are you rolling the dice with your critical power backup systems?

Are you concerned about risk due to battery failure, or lost revenue due to downtime?

Would you like to extend the life of your expensive battery strings?

Did you know that 85% of UPS and power backup failures are due to the batteries or their improper management?


The BTECH Complete Guide to Battery Monitoring goes into great detail and uses over twelve case studies that include actual battery data to show…

  • Rapid unit failures - within as little as two weeks!
  • Effects of a significant discharge
  • The importance of managing by data, instead of by the calendar
  • Uncovering defects in a new installation
  • Unnecessary maintenance and the effects of Re-Torquing
  • Elevated temperature effects
  • Classic impedance failures
  • Wet cell dendritic shorts
  • Tear down VRLA unit analysis by a third party to support warranty claims
  • Battery failure modes discussed
  • A new battery management recommendation


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