Do you know the critical Servers, vital Data Centers and essential Communication Systems that keep your company running can come to a sudden and costly halt without warning?

Are you aware that:

  • 50% of all maintenance calls for servers are power related.
  • UPS batteries provide power to support many of the daily power disturbances a business experiences- on average 289 annually.
  • 85% of UPS & Power System failures are due to power battery failures or the improper management of them.
  • It is little wonder a recent survey revealed 50% of CEO's rank power concerns on par with Cyber Crime as their top concern!

How can this be? Simple, most Power Conditioning, UPS and Power Management Systems depend on as few as forty to hundreds of power batteries to operate. It many cases, it takes only one weak or faulty power battery and you have a formula for catastrophe.

Get the picture? Your power batteries get a workout everyday. And, the only way you can be sure they are going to continue working each time needed is by utilizing a BTECH S5 System.

Only BTECH Predictive Technology gives you the early warning necessary to identify power batteries that will let you down-giving you valuable time to have them replaced long before its too late. Sign up today to receive BTECH's free,

Contingency Planners Introduction to UPS Battery Monitoring

  • Predicting failures - within as little as two weeks!
  • Why invest in BTECH Predictive Technology
  • Legal and regulatory Impacts
  • The BTECH NEVERFAIL Customer Partnership
  • Questions and answers
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