BTECH Battery Monitoring System Application Design Service

BTECH Application Design Services Are Standard

Each battery monitor manufactured by BTECH is custom configured for its intended application and includes the correct wiring set to make the required connections between the individual batteries and the BTECH battery monitor. Because any battery monitoring system is inherently a complex instrument, BTECH has found one of the most important ways to control quality is to supply a system specifically tailored to your application. BTECH maintains a project engineering staff that will guide your project from start to finish. Here's the process:

  • As soon your order arrives it is assigned to a dedicated project engineer
  • Your project engineer will contact you to verify all relevant details of the battery installation (battery type, configuration and installation configuration)
  • A defined wire list and drawing is completed for your installation and sent to production
  • A computer set file is created for your battery system that includes all of the monitoring system parameters pre-defined for the application, including voltage and impedance alarm limits
  • Your installation will proceed smoothly and invisibly with BTECH at your side.