BTECH Battery Remote Monitoring Service Center

Many customers rely on in-house expertise to monitor and evaluate the vital data collected by the BTECH Battery Monitoring Systems. Some customers prefer the automated support services provided by BTECH’s Monitoring Service Center (MSC).

The Monitoring Services Center manages several needs for our customers: Real time battery issues and conditions are received, interpreted, archived and distributed as they occur. The monitoring Service Center also collects and archives the data generated by the battery monitoring appliance, this data is core of the trending and analysis BTECH provides to our customers. The MSC will automatically identify and analyze the type of alarm; the location, and notify BTECH’s support personnel and the customer of the condition. When battery conditions warrant that immediate notification to the client is required the MSC personnel will contact the customer by telephone. Customers also receive a quarterly report on each system. This report will contain basic battery measurement data, any alarms or anomalies found and actions taken will be listed in the summary report.

BTECH’s products also system function as a Discharge Data logger, the systems collect I.E.E.E. compliant discharge reports. BTECH’s monitoring services is provides detailed analysis on how each battery system performed during discharge. Monitoring customers also receive unlimited tech support and access to BTECH’s OBVM Web Browser platform, OBVM enables users to access data without the need of a dedicated application.