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We have been very pleased with the product’s hardware, software and support. The folks at BTECH are very good at giving support to customers, no matter what the customer’s level of expertise in battery backup may be.
— Rick Faircloth, Data Processing Consultant, State of Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Since backup power systems rely on backup batteries, which can fail with no notice, we employ BTECH Battery Monitoring Systems. BTECH identifies any developing battery problems that otherwise would go undetected. In this way we can proactively make needed battery substitutions and drastically reduce our risk of experiencing a power outage.
— Mr. Darayes Bharda, Technical Supervisor, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
The BTECH systems have proven to greatly reduce battery maintenance costs, extend the life of the batteries and virtually eliminate battery failure by being able to predict precisely which cells need to be replaced in advance.
— Samy Alim, Manager of Engineering, ADP
With BTECH on the job 365 days a year, we can identify and change only the deteriorating batteries which saves us time, money and makes us much more secure. I couldn’t explain to the people of Multnomah County how to insure our continued operation during the next power failure until we found BTECH. Now I have an answer.
— Robert D. Novak, Electrical Supervisor, Multnomah County Facilities, Portland, Oregon
The only way to know how your batteries are performing is to monitor their performance on weekly basis. BTECH has provided flawless service in maintaining our battery back-up systems. It allows us to provide immediate support to our customers when storm outages occur and seamless operation of our computer support systems.
— Ken Rheault, Sr. Technical Analyst, Consumers Energy Co Jackson, Michigan